Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery May Be Right for You

Oral Surgery

Experiencing pain from wisdom teeth? Need a tooth extracted? Looking for dental implants? At Greeley Dental Health, we offer several oral surgery procedures, such as wisdom teeth extraction, general tooth extraction, and dental implant placement. Our Greeley office is the perfect place to consider oral surgery because we go the extra mile to ensure a comfortable experience for our patients!

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Greeley

Most of us require a wisdom tooth procedure in our early 20s when our mouths become cramped due to the growth of “third molars.” It’s likely that your wisdom teeth can cause issues as they grow, in which case removal is recommended. If you believe that your wisdom teeth are causing complications, Greeley Dental Health’s oral surgeon can help. You may be a candidate for wisdom tooth removal if you experience:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth (tooth is partially or completely trapped underneath the gum and bone causing pain)
  • Damage or decay to neighboring teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Difficulty cleaning teeth
  • Crowding and crookedness of teeth

Choosing an Oral Surgeon in Greeley

Greeley Dental Health is a full-service dental office, with trained specialists all in one place! We guarantee that you will receive the proper care from our trusted oral surgeon. Patients often turn to us for wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, and other oral surgery options.

Visit Our Greeley Oral Surgeon

Interested in oral surgery or looking to relieve some dental pain? We offer consultations with our surgeon, so we can assess your case and recommend the right procedure. Call us at (970) 353-4329 or book online.