Dave Dyson
23:48 22 Nov 22
David Mekelburg
15:37 15 Nov 22
Friendly hygienist. Friendly office staff. No copay!
Elias naranjo
19:12 14 Nov 22
Jack Koehn
16:42 14 Nov 22
Whitney McFarland
16:00 11 Nov 22
ryan heisel
22:57 10 Nov 22
Julie Ecker
14:33 09 Nov 22
We love Greeley Dental Health! Everyone is so kind, and competent. I always feel confident that I'm getting the best care.
Loretta Swanson
21:51 02 Nov 22
Greeley dental health was a great experience, everyone was so kind and wonderful and so informative! Totally recommend Greeley dental health!!!
Scott Brannon
12:39 02 Nov 22
Leonard Salazar Sr
15:02 28 Oct 22
Courtney Bourque
15:16 27 Oct 22
Joey Buchalla
23:01 26 Oct 22
Marie Conley
18:06 26 Oct 22
14:32 24 Oct 22
02:17 14 Oct 22
Knowledgeable, honorable. Welcoming (without all the fluff), and professional.
Alex hart
19:04 10 Oct 22
The personnel are kind, and do their job well. They give actionable advice for improving your dental habits. The time for a single appointment is quick (only about an hour for a in-depth cleaning) and the price is just right, highly recommended.
Priscila Venzor
15:12 04 Oct 22
The best dental place I’ve ever been to, they are gentle, non judgmental, kind and overall great to work with. I always recommend to everyone. Keep up the great work!
Brian Payne
21:41 27 Sep 22
Candice Paiz
19:16 27 Sep 22
anesha walker
17:19 21 Sep 22
Gene Foos
21:56 14 Sep 22
Everyone was very nice, had not been there for awhile but all is. I give them all a five star
Michael Littlejohn
17:41 02 Sep 22
Luis Cass
03:38 01 Sep 22
Very professional, courteous and efficient.
erik wall
01:37 30 Aug 22
Lori Sharp
22:04 23 Aug 22
Matthew Walker
22:34 18 Aug 22
Morgan Mange
18:10 17 Aug 22
Always professional and light-hearted. Very knowledgeable and able to cover information so the normal person understands
Hull Robyn
19:35 16 Aug 22
Today was great! I always enjoy my dental appointments here but Janell went above and beyond and was awesome. I truly enjoyed my dental appointment and that is a wild thing to say but it is true. Dr. Martin was super cool too. 10/10 today friends.
Amy Boren
16:53 15 Aug 22
Very caring and gentle.
kenneth haler
22:08 09 Aug 22
Always treat you like family,friendly staff.I've been going there for approx. 10 yrs now. No complaints here.
Kassandra Reyes
19:01 09 Aug 22
Everyone was extremely kind. The receptionist helped me understand my insurance policy. Tyler was my hygienist, I felt very comfortable and very involved in the process. He taught me what to look for in an x-ray and he gave me very good advice about my dental health. He was a very kind man who made the process quite fun. Dr. Martin was clear and to the point, he was also a nice man. Thank you everyone!
Lou Nemeth
02:17 29 Jul 22
It was my first visit but I felt like they were concerned with my issues and came up with a good plan for me.
Amanda Rockwell
18:09 28 Jul 22
Jake Simonton
05:08 27 Jul 22
I have had a lot of work done here. I have always been talked through options for my particular situation. So I have the ultimate say in which direction of care we go in. Yet I still go with and recommend others to follow the advice of the dentist you have here. As most of the time paying more now saves a lot of money and pain/frustration later on.I hated my previous dentist experiences and let small issues turn into big ones avoiding dental care.Finally I came here and was accepted with open arms and never judged. I am finally getting close to a completely cavity and tooth decay free healthy mouth/smile.Definitely give this office a chance to show you how much they care!Remember all dental offices are expensive it is just unfortunately not all interconnected with health insurance etc. So do whatever you need to to have a healthy mouth!!
LaVerna Wilson
20:49 26 Jul 22
Scott Davis
18:15 26 Jul 22
Debbie Romero
00:21 19 Jul 22
mr gary boyd
18:13 16 Jul 22
I actually drove over 500 miles For an appointment with Greeley dental health Advice of an associate and a family member. People swear by doctor Keegan and his great treatment of their dental needs and them as a person. I am terrified of the dentist chair and when I walked in with 2 Molar's That were beside each other on on the top side of my mouth with one of them broken off at the gumline I feared the Procedure would be difficult and painful. While it may have been difficult doctor Keegan Waldo never let me know that as far as the pain goes it's been one week since since the removal removal and I still have yet to feel pain or discomfort. I would recommend Greeley dental health to anyone no matter how far away you live It was worth the drive for me and I'll be back.
Forrest Swick
18:08 14 Jul 22
As always, Kristy is the best! She is kind, gentle and professional.I do wish Greeley Dental could keep the DDS’s around longer.
heidi sauer
00:59 14 Jul 22
Mark Moody
16:35 12 Jul 22
Tony Hoyt
23:33 11 Jul 22
randy ehrman
01:54 07 Jul 22
Travis Dopler
20:54 30 Jun 22
Martin Sweet
19:33 30 Jun 22
Brad Mueller
18:17 29 Jun 22
Carrie Walker
23:38 21 Jun 22
Everyone is always friendly and helpful. The service is thorough and informative!! They take great care of you as a patient!
Patty Ehrlick
20:21 20 Jun 22
Anne Bauer
20:23 13 Jun 22
Gina was a very kind and helpful hygienist! Thank you!!
Diane Baer
18:38 08 Jun 22
Cassandra Lohrstorfer
20:40 01 Jun 22
Friendly, thorough, and genuinely concerned about your health
Kurt Bogie
23:01 31 May 22
Peg Canaday
16:34 27 May 22
Jessie Carroll
21:32 24 May 22
Staff were very friendly and helpful. Answered my questions and made me feel welcomed!
Linda Urban
01:05 24 May 22
I just had the most thorough dental exam ever from very knowledgeable & kind people! The hygienist was very good & checked with me often as to how I was doing. The dentist took the time to ask questions & help me understand what we needed to take care of. Excellent care! Highly recommend!
Superior Renovation
18:04 20 May 22
Awesome group of people!
Cassie Valero
23:01 11 May 22
Karen Sell
14:15 10 May 22
Easy to make appointment. Dr. Did excellent job extracting broken tooth. No pain so didn't need pain meds. Reasonable rates. Helpful staff.
devina limones
16:12 05 May 22
Alycia Romero
20:17 27 Apr 22
Gary Myers
18:17 26 Apr 22
Professional and prompt.
Jerome Brug
15:10 26 Apr 22
maison johnson
19:05 25 Apr 22
Haven’t been to a dentist in a very long time, not only that I’m terrified of going to the dentist. I really don’t like people in my mouth or pain in my mouth. I feel safe and know I’m in good hands here when they showed the kindness and dedication I saw at my appointment. Thank you again for taking me in.
Shelby Williams
02:37 22 Apr 22
I have been a patient here for over two years now, and have never had a bad experience. From the reception, to dental hygenists and the dentists, everyone is professional and always wonderful to work with.
Ruth Macfarlane
20:30 20 Apr 22
16:45 19 Apr 22
Dr. Waldo was respectful and through. He answered all my questions and concerns. But hope for fast recovery for Dr. Wolfe. Thank you.
Mary Bader
16:43 19 Apr 22
I just love my hygienist Tyler! He does an awesome job every time!
Janice P
21:31 14 Apr 22
Kristi and Dr. Waldo are the best!
Viviana Gutierrez
21:56 21 Mar 22
Trish Nugent
22:10 16 Mar 22
krysten guse
17:40 16 Mar 22
Robin K Juarez
21:17 15 Mar 22
Carrie Van Ness
15:22 14 Mar 22
Great service. Quick cleanings and knowledgeable staff!
Soren Hobbs
16:24 09 Mar 22
Very kind and professional, helped me when my teeth were bad & didn't make me feel stupid about it.
Eunice Vera
18:06 08 Mar 22
I saw Dr. Wolff today and Christie! They are both very caring! I’m so very thankful for them!!
Cindy Schilling
00:20 25 Feb 22
This place is really good! Janell the hygienist is amazing and Dr Wolff is very nice!
Cathy Ortiz
17:24 19 Feb 22
Very nice staff. Dr. Wolfe was awesome. Would recommend. Im not a fan of rhe dentist but the made me very comfortable.
dean nelson
12:47 19 Feb 22
As always, Greeley Dental is totally a great visit, from the second you enter the lobby until you leave. Everyone is the nicest. Most importantly, the dental care is really great. They all care about me! Thank you!!Dr Dean Nelson
Audrey Simmons
21:49 18 Feb 22
Quick and friendly
Dan Van der Vieren
02:42 15 Feb 22
My hygienist, Gina, was very knowledgeable and made me feel welcome.
Kirsten Simmonds
18:54 07 Feb 22
Lindsay Gurney
17:11 27 Jan 22
Sheila Marick
20:14 24 Jan 22
Sister Ulicia
21:00 20 Jan 22
Phenomenal service! Everyone was extremely polite and compassionate despite my really bad teeth. Got an extra painful tooth pulled, Dr.Wolff was dedicated and professional. Give this place a try, you won't regret it.
JT Troudt
18:15 20 Jan 22
I actually enjoyed my experience this morning with Tyler, Hygienist. He is very conscientious, professional, yet friendly and kind.
Karina Amaya
02:18 19 Jan 22
Extremely friendly and customer focused. Would highly recommend to others.
Marilyn Morris
19:40 17 Jan 22
They go above and beyond to take care of you and your teeth. Definitely recommend their services.
Eileen Peggram
22:32 10 Jan 22
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