Superior Renovation
18:04 20 May 22
Awesome group of people!
Lou Nemeth
00:22 20 May 22
It was my first visit but I felt like they were concerned with my issues and came up with a good plan for me.
Cassie Valero
23:01 11 May 22
Karen Sell
14:15 10 May 22
Easy to make appointment. Dr. Did excellent job extracting broken tooth. No pain so didn't need pain meds. Reasonable rates. Helpful staff.
devina limones
16:12 05 May 22
Alycia Romero
20:17 27 Apr 22
Gary Myers
18:17 26 Apr 22
Professional and prompt.
Jerome Brug
15:10 26 Apr 22
maison johnson
19:05 25 Apr 22
Haven’t been to a dentist in a very long time, not only that I’m terrified of going to the dentist. I really don’t like people in my mouth or pain in my mouth. I feel safe and know I’m in good hands here when they showed the kindness and dedication I saw at my appointment. Thank you again for taking me in.
Shelby Williams
02:37 22 Apr 22
I have been a patient here for over two years now, and have never had a bad experience. From the reception, to dental hygenists and the dentists, everyone is professional and always wonderful to work with.
Ruth Macfarlane
20:30 20 Apr 22
16:45 19 Apr 22
Dr. Waldo was respectful and through. He answered all my questions and concerns. But hope for fast recovery for Dr. Wolfe. Thank you.
Mary Bader
16:43 19 Apr 22
I just love my hygienist Tyler! He does an awesome job every time!
Janice P
21:31 14 Apr 22
Kristi and Dr. Waldo are the best!
Viviana Gutierrez
21:56 21 Mar 22
Trish Nugent
22:10 16 Mar 22
krysten guse
17:40 16 Mar 22
Robin K Juarez
21:17 15 Mar 22
Carrie Van Ness
15:22 14 Mar 22
Great service. Quick cleanings and knowledgeable staff!
Soren Hobbs
16:24 09 Mar 22
Very kind and professional, helped me when my teeth were bad & didn't make me feel stupid about it.
Eunice Vera
18:06 08 Mar 22
I saw Dr. Wolff today and Christie! They are both very caring! I’m so very thankful for them!!
Cindy Schilling
00:20 25 Feb 22
This place is really good! Janell the hygienist is amazing and Dr Wolff is very nice!
Cathy Ortiz
17:24 19 Feb 22
Very nice staff. Dr. Wolfe was awesome. Would recommend. Im not a fan of rhe dentist but the made me very comfortable.
dean nelson
12:47 19 Feb 22
As always, Greeley Dental is totally a great visit, from the second you enter the lobby until you leave. Everyone is the nicest. Most importantly, the dental care is really great. They all care about me! Thank you!!Dr Dean Nelson
Audrey Simmons
21:49 18 Feb 22
Quick and friendly
Dan Van der Vieren
02:42 15 Feb 22
My hygienist, Gina, was very knowledgeable and made me feel welcome.
Kirsten Simmonds
18:54 07 Feb 22
Lindsay Gurney
17:11 27 Jan 22
Jake Simonton
00:12 27 Jan 22
Sheila Marick
20:14 24 Jan 22
Geri Storm-Dechant
19:30 21 Jan 22
Got me in real quick, and cost was amazing
Sister Ulicia
21:00 20 Jan 22
Phenomenal service! Everyone was extremely polite and compassionate despite my really bad teeth. Got an extra painful tooth pulled, Dr.Wolff was dedicated and professional. Give this place a try, you won't regret it.
JT Troudt
18:15 20 Jan 22
I actually enjoyed my experience this morning with Tyler, Hygienist. He is very conscientious, professional, yet friendly and kind.
Luis Cass
06:24 19 Jan 22
Very professional, courteous and efficient.
Karina Amaya
02:18 19 Jan 22
Extremely friendly and customer focused. Would highly recommend to others.
Marilyn Morris
19:40 17 Jan 22
They go above and beyond to take care of you and your teeth. Definitely recommend their services.
Eileen Peggram
22:32 10 Jan 22
Richard Mata
04:35 30 Dec 21
Izzy Teets
23:34 22 Dec 21
Alice Fuentes
20:29 21 Dec 21
Dr. Wolf was great! Very professional & kind. Took care of my problem quickly.
Marv Lamb
03:07 15 Dec 21
Connie Mauck
17:49 09 Dec 21
I have been going here for several years. The service has always been exceptional. The people are all very kind and considerate. During our latest visit, they adjusted assignments so that my husband and I were both able to get our cleanings done at the same time which gave us more time to do other things that we needed to get done while in town.
Jeannette Phillips
04:45 08 Dec 21
Keri Asche
18:32 07 Dec 21
Alfredo Gonzalez
23:06 06 Dec 21
02:28 02 Dec 21
Marc Orozco
20:58 01 Dec 21
Everyone at Greeley Dental Health is extremely helpful. Serena at the front desk has always made extraordinary efforts to assist us. Today, Mackenzie was thorough and gentle in assisting Dr. Wolf. I am also thankful to Dr. Wolf for everything he did for me.
Lee Suniga
17:13 22 Nov 21
The hygienists were very kind, thorough and efficient with getting me in quickly. I enjoy coming here.
Madison Walker
01:50 22 Nov 21
I had only pleasant experiences coming to Greeley Dental Health. I have a jaw problem that I've had for many years now, where it is bothersome/painful to open my mouth for long periods at a time as well as to chew sometimes, and to open my mouth too wide, etc. So, the amazing team at Greeley Dental Health came up with a plan to help me combat that and gave me a referral to someone who could help me with that problem. I would like to give specific thanks to (sorry for any misspelling of names) Jazelle, Jerry, and Dr. Waldo. Jazelle was my hygienist for my first appointment back to the dentist in a long time and she was very nice and helpful and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Waldo and Jerry worked as a team to do the fillings during the rest of my appointments and they also did a very good job at making me feel comfortable and being helpful and kind. I said it before to (I believe it was) Jerry and I'll say it again: I've never liked going to the dentist before going to Greeley Dental Health. I didn't necessarily have that fear of dentists that other people do, but it did always give me some anxiety and I always avoided it if I could (which is partially why I hadn't gone in so long). But these past few times going have actually been enjoyable- which I didn't even think was a possibility when talking about going to the dentist! But I genuinely felt safe going here. So, thank you to the entire team at Greeley Dental Health but especially to the team that helped me.
George Mazzuca
19:53 13 Nov 21
Very very pleased with the quality of services and helpAnd the care received from the doctor was beyond words!!!I have never had such an exceptional experience at a dentist off!!Highly highly recommend Greeley dental health!!!
Yazmin Mendoza
02:04 12 Nov 21
Wonderful experience! Thank you for get my X-rays and cleaning done ✔️
Cherilyn Clark
02:00 12 Nov 21
Paul Ramirez
22:48 07 Sep 21
My Dental Hygienist provided tips for keeping my teeth and gums healthy.
Paul Frey
19:22 02 Sep 21
Jennifer Clawson
18:19 02 Sep 21
Kyra Lakin
16:40 01 Sep 21
Kate Gordon
16:46 27 Aug 21
As always...on time, very careful around my gums and super friendly!
22:41 17 Aug 21
Thank you for taking care of my teeth. Great job and thank you all for going to work!
Friendly staff got straight to the point. Figured out the problem and created a solution with ease.
Jennifer Deschamps
18:49 03 Aug 21
Shane Singer
16:31 02 Aug 21
Been going to Greeley Dental Health for years. Dr. Parker is the best addition to the team yet. She is the best!
DD Armstrong
23:45 29 Jul 21
Today I went to see a new dentist to establish care she was wonderful. The front office staff were kind and got me through the process quickly. Once back in the chair I didn't feel rushed and felt like they actually cared.Thank you for taking the time to put my nervousness at ease. Now it's time to get my night guard.
Alfredo Gonzalez
21:58 28 Jul 21
Deb Ryan
19:13 28 Jul 21
Very nice caring staff
Recommend this dental office
Teresa Navarrette
19:02 13 Jul 21
Erika TorresGaona
19:27 12 Jul 21
Heath Clark
19:17 12 Jul 21
Jules f
19:15 08 Jul 21
Very friendly staff. Answered any question i had. Beyond expectations and my new favorite dentist.
Nedra Stright
03:08 29 Jun 21
Jim Morris
21:57 24 Jun 21
Tyler did an excellent job and explained the procedures as he was doing them.
Luci Streeks
20:04 24 Jun 21
Everyone there was nice helpful and and caring!
France Rizo
13:50 20 Jun 21
The front person Roxy is real friendly all the time. Gina cleaned my teeth, she was also real friendly. These two women have people skills, that's what makes them great. I appreciate that. I didn't have to see the dentist that day, but she is also great!!!
04:00 18 Jun 21
Natalie Angell
16:43 17 Jun 21
They were kind and listened to me. I had seen another dentist prior that they had to re do his work.
Sylvia Hoemig
02:39 15 Jun 21
Erin Moser
15:12 07 Jun 21
Very friendly, trustworthy, efficient, and accommodating. My daughter typically has her cleaning at the same time I do and the hygienist does a fantastic job with her. Very happy with the services we receive at Greeley Dental!
Sally Thorson
12:29 11 May 21
Best dentist ever!
Glen Ochoa
19:54 06 May 21
Evangelina Flores
15:31 04 May 21
Awesome and compassionate staff!
Cara Gonzalez
12:50 04 May 21
Mike Roat
19:46 03 May 21
ashley alvarez
19:39 03 May 21
Joshua Castro
19:38 03 May 21
Larry Fisher
13:43 01 May 21
My regular dentist wouldn't see me for a week for a tooth pain but Greeley Dental Health did, within an half hour of calling. they pulled the tooth right away. what a great team, so nice and friendly. my new teeth caretakers!
Zach Pearson
15:40 01 Apr 21
Professional and personable care from the front desk to the assistant to the doctor.
Victoria Hammond
17:35 31 Mar 21
Lily and Dr.Parker were absolutely amazing! I have severe anxiety when it comes to doctors and dentist and both of them handled it with grace and understanding. They made sure I understood everything that was being done and didn't make me feel uncomfortable or judged. I have never felt more comfortable going to the dentist.
Amanda Rockwell
23:29 30 Mar 21
Rana Bowlin
16:15 26 Mar 21
The whole staff, from front to back are extremely friendly and helpful. I am terrified of visiting a dentist and as a result have many dental issues now. I was completely put at ease and all my concerns were answered. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone needing dental care.
Jesse Hernandez
22:50 25 Mar 21
I Chan Lu
23:16 24 Mar 21
I like both my hygienist Christie and Dr. Parker. They both are warm and easy to talk to. Professional and are understanding about the concerns I brought up.
Jasmine Lopez
22:20 24 Mar 21
Dr. Anderson is great. Really puts all my concerns at ease and makes me feel great about what's going on and what will happen.
Marilyn Hale
16:48 24 Mar 21
01:46 23 Mar 21
Great service as always. Dr. Anderson is professional, friendly, and skilled. The staff is always nice, happy, and helpful!
Courtney Mullin
22:14 22 Mar 21
I have seen 2 hygienists there so far and both were very pleasant and did a thorough job cleaning my teeth. The Dr. is informative and friendly, and I look forward to continuing my care with them.
Helen Frost
20:20 19 Mar 21
Chaeli Ferguson
05:27 19 Mar 21
Over the top experience at this place! From the front desk, to the assistant, to the doctor, they were friendly, professional, and had a sense of urgency to get things done the right way. So many little details made the experience great. The doctor even called me the same day I had a filling to ask how I was doing and if I had questions. I’m very pleased with my experience and look forward to going back again!
Heather Brownell
20:15 17 Mar 21
Lori Daniel
13:20 17 Mar 21
Everyone is friendly and very professional. The appointment was scheduled promptly and timely. I watched additional cleaning and social distancing practices. I would highly recommend!
Kenny Neb
20:47 16 Mar 21
Friendly, professional people.
Pat Veretto
18:10 12 Mar 21
Dan Partch
20:45 11 Mar 21
The entire staff at GDH is professional, friendly, and compassionate. They greet you upon arrival and wish you a good day when leaving. The procedure rooms are very clean. And, they are very fast.I highly recommend this facility to everyone.
kelly franco
20:19 11 Mar 21
Julia Fletcher
17:17 11 Mar 21
Patricia Ramirez
23:20 10 Mar 21
Jun Park
19:19 10 Mar 21
I go to GDH because Dr. Parker does an excellent job. Happy to have her in Greeley.
Paul Arellano
22:39 09 Mar 21
Best teeth cleaner ever. She’s the reason why I’m still with you guys. Definitely a people’s person and my new Dentist seems to have charm , wisdom and jokes. Thanks ladies
Lauren Jacobsen
17:48 05 Mar 21
Lisa Jackson
23:18 03 Mar 21
Everyone from the front desk to hygienist to Dr.s are really wonderful. Patient, knowledgeable, professional, clean, caring and kind! I highly recommend this establishment from children to elderly.
Vincent Jackson
15:48 01 Mar 21
Lisa Johnson
00:16 26 Feb 21
Bridget Rebello
23:19 24 Feb 21
Absolutely wonderful. I love coming here. Everyone is polite but human and it's just an in and out for a teeth cleaning, but they tell jokes and talk to you and it's just a fun time. I don't remember the Doctor's name but Jerry is his assistant and they are both great. The dental hygienist I saw today was great too.
Nick Masur
22:42 24 Feb 21
When my previous dentist canceled a 6 month standing cleaning appointment just two weeks prior, Greeley Dental stepped up and quickly set up an appointment and kept me on schedule.
Kin Kinitsune
20:12 24 Feb 21
Patti Cass
18:02 23 Feb 21
Very kind people are here and all of my experiences here have resulted in excellent dental care. My questions are addressed and my dental health is of progressive treatments that have kept me smiling for all the years I have been coming to Greeley Dental. I especially like the Dentists, their assistants, and restoration professionals. The office people are great and also go extra lengths to make sure of coverage and keeping me aware of billings. This is a wonderful place to receive care, and I thank them so much for being there through the worst of my circumstances.
Justin Markwardt
23:22 16 Feb 21
Great experience
Christina Rascon
16:48 16 Feb 21
The dental hygienist and dentist were wonderful. The dental hygienist was incredibly kind and very informative.
Hudson adams
18:19 03 Feb 21
Bonnie Bickling
23:57 02 Feb 21
Wonderful care at Greeley Dental
Grace M
20:03 02 Feb 21
Kim Dykes
18:18 02 Feb 21
Everyone was so nice. Staff listened, explained things and very compassionate.
Sonya Rodarte
23:46 27 Jan 21
Manila Wise
17:09 27 Jan 21
I get quality care in a relaxed atmosphere.
P Malavasic
18:32 26 Jan 21
I never have a problem when I am in the office. Tyler is a very conscientious hygienist. I value his opinion.
Stephanie Suniga
04:33 26 Jan 21
Staff friendly and encouraging, positive about the care and efforts I make for my dental health. Did not make me feel guilty or ashamed. It was overall a good experience for going to the dentist!
Sarah Cameron
00:26 26 Jan 21
Mark Becker
00:12 20 Jan 21
Maggie Boswell
01:52 19 Jan 21
Roger Magdaleno
21:29 14 Jan 21
Marolyn Marshall
21:56 13 Jan 21
Every one is friendly and know what they are doing.Had no problem there.
Brenda Barcenas
21:53 12 Jan 21
Deanna Crilly
18:40 12 Jan 21
The best dental experience I’ve ever had! Made me feel very comfortable!
Melanie Ekroth
19:18 11 Jan 21
Amazing people and place. They care about your oral health!
CeCe Majchrowski
16:45 11 Jan 21
Brenden Davis
16:33 08 Jan 21
Paul Jackson
17:04 06 Jan 21
This was my first time to see dr. Parker. She was very helpful with her recommendations to my daily dental routine.
Ron Dever
12:30 05 Jan 21
johanna mueller
19:23 04 Jan 21
Edith Mberenga
15:07 01 Jan 21
Hannah K
23:35 30 Dec 20
Sharon Winter
00:27 20 Nov 20
🤩 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cindy Oswald
20:54 13 Nov 20
My first time today at Greeley Dental. Everyone there was extremely professional and nice. Worked with me on financial plan.
Mandy Rockwell
02:59 03 Nov 20
They are always so friendly. They do great work and I just love Dr. Parker.
friendly staff, I liked Dr Anderdon
Bob Lu
19:34 20 Jul 20
Good treatment. Xxxxxxcxxxxcxcccc
Tury Betancourt Jr.
20:39 01 May 20
Pain free root canal thanks
Marge Fergus
04:02 22 Jun 19
Great cares best dental experience I’ve had. No pain easy to get an appointment
Draemie Chatterson
23:57 17 Jul 18
Love my hygienist Hillary, and the doctor too, they always do an awesome job.
Janice Pautler
17:55 29 Jun 18
This is the best dental office in Greeley. The hygienists are the nicest! My family has been here for many years and we haven't had any negative experiences yet. Yay!
Susan Stone
23:27 09 Mar 17
Dave Jones
23:24 31 Jan 17
Great staff! My family and I have always gotten taken care of here. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
Lori Daniel
00:50 27 Jan 17
I had a wonderful experience at Greeley Dental Health. Janelle was my hygienist and is quite professional, gental and delightful! This was my first meeting with Dr. Johnson who made me grateful to be under his care. I need to go back for a filling. The staff worked with my schedule and got me in right awy. I would highly recommend this dentist office 😀
Nora Lusero
19:29 06 Dec 16
I always feel comfortable and important when I have a dental appointment here. Dr. Johnson and Janelle are exceptional, and the rest of the staff are awesome as well. Thank you for always taking the ouch out of going to the dentist!
We Love our patients! Thank you for your loyalty and support! We wouldn't have this fabulous dental facility if it weren't for patients like you, and our excellent staff at Greeley Dental Health.
Kent Sprague
23:11 28 Mar 16
Buelah Bear
15:01 21 Oct 15
Jeanne Pimple
03:29 25 Jun 14
Hillary and Dr. Johnson were great today! I found my visit today not only painless but entertaining! Thanks!
Dan Hill
00:21 05 Jun 14
Nancy Swope
23:37 02 Jun 14
I have always been treated great at Greeley Dental Health.......the staff etc are so friendly......Dr. Hatch and Dr Johnson always explain things to me and take time with me. I highly recommend Greeley Dental Health to all my friends. Its a very comfortable and friendly office.
Linda Haller
01:56 28 May 14
Brenda Schafer
21:18 20 May 14
Always a pleasant experience, even if it's not good news... I have been going here for close to 8 years and they are great!
Janell Hill
01:34 04 Nov 13
Karen Unverzagt
02:33 23 Oct 13
Arturo Perez
16:32 22 Oct 13
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