Patient Resources

At Greeley Dental Health, we want all our patients to have the best experience possible. In this area, we’ve included some information that can help make everything run more smoothly for patients, especially at their first visit.

Your First Visit

Your first visit is part recordkeeping, part greeting, and part clinical exam. We welcome you to our office and find out the state of your oral health, while taking care of necessary paperwork.

Learn more about what to expect at your first visit here.

Financing and Insurance Information

We work hard to make our dentistry affordable for all our patients. We work with all the most popular insurance plans in the area. If your insurance doesn’t cover a procedure or doesn’t cover enough of your procedure, we also offer financing through CareCredit.

Learn more about financing and insurance information here.

Patient Forms

It can make your first visit faster and more convenient if you fill out the patient forms before your first visit. Here are all the necessary forms you need: